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Innovative development, quality assurance

In addition to independent research and development, the company also conducts college-enterprise cooperationwith the research institutes to achieve continuous innovation and development. The company has received the national high-tech enterprise certification with strict quality control and professional laboratory to ensure good and stable quality.

On time delivery, actively cooperate with customers

The complete set of production processes, strong logistics and support capabilities, plus professional and efficient internal coordination mechanism could meet the diverse needs of customers, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

Reasonable pricing, after-sales service

The company provides excellent and diverse product quality, and reasonable price. A professional team offers a full servicefrom the product to the entire life cycle of the product, which is a guarantee for customers.

Textiles are given to PAIHO
Will make you the perfect product.

Paiho`s touch fastener、easy tape、webbing、drawcord、fabric, the product lines are delicate and changeable, collocation after processing technology to create unlimited changes.


Professional+ Service are the core advantages of PAIHO to win the trust of customers!
PAIHO Group enjoys a history of more than 30 years specializing in the production of Velcrowith “THRIHOOK” as its famous brand. Its main business items are Touch Fastener, Webbing, Elastic, Shoelace, and Reflective Material. Their Qualitiesarerewarded and respected by the industry. Its operating tentacles cover the footwear industry, handbags, luggage, sports equipment, clothing, instruments, daily necessities, etc.

To provide our clients with perfect guarantee is the goal we have been pursuing all the time. Strengthening pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service.Implementing the 24-hour service in the entire process of manufacturing and application to ensure that manufactured products meet the corresponding standards or contracts requirements with 100 percent of pass.

Adhering to the principle of “giving convenience to customers and leaving difficulties to ourselves”. The company has been constantly tryingthe best to innovate new products and conduct independent research and development. Receiving customer letters, calls and visits, the company will do the registering, passing on, analyzing, handling, and giving feedbacks without delay. And continuously improve product quality and product performanceaccording to customers’ demands.

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Company Profile

The major business in PAIHO SHIH HOLDING CORPORATIONis Velcro, webbing (shoelaces), and elastic manufacturing and sales. In addition, in response to the company’s future development needs, besides the development of Engineered Jacquard Mesh, the company entered into the main fabric supplies chain, and established Wuxi BaihongProperties Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Baihong Properties Company). The company acquired part commercial-residential land and commercial-office land at Wuxi High Speed Rail Business District with main business operations including commercial housing management, planning consultation, and real estate sales and leasing.


Our Company was established in Cayman Islands on November 6, 2006. The principal operating entities are THOMAS DYNAMIC MATERIAL CO., LTD. and DONGGUAN PAIHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD located in China.

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